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300mg CBD Pet tincture for cats and dogs is now available by Hempire State Organix!

Packaged in our HSO Zero Waste Initiative seed paper box! 

With your purchase you are helping to support a sustainable future and cleaner Earth.

HSO Zero Waste Initiative was intended to reduce plastic and packaging waste and help invoke a positive habitat change not only in your home garden but with reducing industrial manufacturing fossil fuel usage. Please see the below list of wildflower seeds imbedded into your CBD oil packaging. These North American native flower varieties were carefully selected to help our amazing natural pollinators year after year and with hope to reduce their population decline.

25% Bird’s Eyes                        25% Black Eyed Susan

20% Clarkia                                 20% Sweet Alyssum

5% Catchfly                                 5% Snap Dragon

Just like people our four legged companions have all the same benefits to gain from taking CBD as we do! CBD has been studied to present excellent results for reasons why our pets should be taking CBD too. This Tincture is also made flavorless with no added terpenes for your pets safety.

Suggested Serving: 1-10 drops depending on pets size, weight & intended use. Please start small and gradually increase. 

For aid in pain or sleep management, a stronger serving is usually taken. However, please remember what is a moderate serving for one animal may be a strong serving for another. Animals are built differently and come in different sizes and weights. This directly plays a roll on effects CBD may have each animal. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMENDED to start servings small to learn how quality CBD will effect your companion and gradually increase after several days of application. CAUTION: A strong serving will induce drowsiness. Please use with caution as your animal cannot say when it has taken too much!

For users looking for a mild-moderate serving please start small and gradually increase until intended use is achieved. If serving size makes our pet drowsy, lower the serving size.


Use: Apply the number of drops desired to wet food at any time of the day or apply directly to your pets mouth using the dropper top.

Each bottle is 10ml(0.35oz) and comes with a child safety dropper top. This product is THC Free. Sold in child safe packaging. Our Products are never tested on animals.

Always Vegan, Organic, Non Toxic, Non GMO, Made in Small Batches.


Ingredients: Hemp Oil*, Coconut MCT Oil*, Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from Hemp*    

*Organic & Non-GMO



1 drop = 1.5mg CBD

5 drops = 7.5mg CBD

10 drops = 15mg CBD

20 drops = 30mg CBD

** Note there are approximately 20-23 drops in 1ml. Not all drops are created equally! **




This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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